Updated as of July 13, 2020 





I.   Tindahang Rizalenyo E-Commerce Platform Merchant Qualifications

 The Tindahang Rizalenyo e-Commerce Platform Merchant must have the following qualifications:




  1. Must be identified as MSME1 Manufacturer/Processor/Producer, handling whole or part(s) of manufacturing process and located in Rizal Province.
  2. Must be in any of the following industry:



  • ·       Arts & Crafts
  • ·       Christmas and Holiday Décor
  • ·       Fashion Accessories/Wearables
  • ·       Processed Food
  • ·       Furniture & Furnishings
  • ·       Garden Accessories
  • ·       Gifts    
  • ·       Paintings
  • ·       House wares
  • ·       Home Décor
  • ·       Kitchen and Tableware
  • ·       Leather goods
  • ·       Linens
  • ·       Stationery and Desk accessories
  • ·       Health and wellness personal care products
  • ·       Garments
  • ·       Homegrown restaurants and cafes



  1. Must be duly registered and with updated business permits (DTI/SEC/CDA, Mayor’s Permit, BIR)
  2. If food processor/producer:




·       must have at least attended the Good Manufacturing Practice Seminar & observing the same in the production; if not, commit to attend GMP Seminar within the year2.

·       products must bear expiration date.  



  1. Must be able to supply products with consistent quality and volume.







A.   All applicants are required to submit to Samahan ng mga Rizaleño sa sector ng Agrikultura at Pagkain (SARAP) or DTI Rizal Provincial Office the following documents:

1.    Original and fully-filled up Application/Contract Form

2.    Signed Terms and Conditions

3.    Licenses/Registration

·      DTI/SEC/CDA (For SEC/CDA registered, Board Resolution for the Authorized Representative)

·      FDA - LTO/CPR if registered (for food processor); or Certificate of Attendance

     to a GMP Seminar of the Owner; or Commitment to Attend GMP Seminar

·      Mayor’s Permit and Sanitary Permit

·      BIR 2303

·      Booklet of Sales Invoice or Official Receipt

4.      Product Information Sheet with Product Shot/s in digital form – high resolution

5.      Product sample (one only) for screening

6.      Three (3) months deposit (P1,500.00) (non-refundable) and the first monthly fee of P500.00. Deposit will be strictly applied to the last 3 months prior to the end of Contract Period.

B.     All applicants are required to pay the monthly fee of P500.00 on or before 5th day of the month. It includes payment both for the physical and virtual store.



SARAP and DTI Rizal shall:

1.  Screening of new merchants’ and products’ application.

New merchants and products screening will be scheduled every last Wednesday of the month. Applications will be assessed by the DTI Rizal Provincial Director, DTI TPO, and two (2) SARAP officers.

2.  Inspect the goods and reserves the right to reject any goods if considered to be inferior in terms of over-all quality.

3.  A recommendation may be given based on the result of the screening.

4. A reconsideration may be given upon evaluation.




Type of Violation


1. Non-compliance to monthly participation fee for 2 consecutive months.

First Offense: Written reminder thru text and email from SARAP


Second Offense: Written warning thru a formal letter from SARAP noted by DTI Rizal

Third Offense: Suspension of accounts from the e-Commerce Platform until monthly participation fee and penalties are settled.

Penalty of P100.00/month

2. Non-compliance with booked orders
   (3 failed deliveries in 1 month; )

First Offense: Suspension of accounts from the e-Commerce Platform for 15 days


Second Offense: Suspension of accounts from the e-Commerce Platform for 30 days


Third Offense: Termination of accounts from the e-Commerce Platform

3.  Unsettled customers’ complaints

First Offense: Suspension of accounts from the e-Commerce Platform for 15 days


Second Offense: Suspension of accounts from the e-Commerce Platform for 30 days


Third Offense: Termination of accounts from the e-Commerce Platform

Please refer to the policies and guidelines.


V.               PRODUCT DELIVERY


Product delivery will be as follows:


Order received before 3:00 pm

Delivery schedule: Next Day

Order received 3:00 pm onwards

Delivery schedule: 2nd Day from date of Order

Order received under Restaurant category

Delivery schedule: Same Day*
    *Subject to merchant's operating hours




All payment transactions will be handled by SARAP or Tindahang Rizalenyo and will be credited to the dedicated bank accounts.


SARAP shall remit the monthly sales to merchant every 5th day of the following month.


Acknowledgement receipt shall be issued by the merchant to SARAP upon receipt of the payment.




This agreement shall take effect upon signing by the parties hereto and shall remain in force for one (1) year commencing upon the receipt of the application, renewable for another year thereafter subject to review and approval.


In case of termination, the merchant shall submit a written notice one (1) month before the termination date subject to approval of SARAP and DTI Rizal. The merchant’s deposit of Php 1,500.00 will be forfeited.